Alright, I know I we are in no position to tell you what to do, but we have been in a great many drab rooms and transformed them in havens, when it comes to bedrooms, it is rare to invent something completely new, there has to be will always be elements that need to be in a bedroom.


As the name of the room suggests, the main thing in the bedroom is your bed.  There are alternatives to the bed like a sofa or a inflatable mattress, the point is that you need something comfortable to sleep on and a good quality mattress is one less thing you have to worry in the quest of having a good night’s rest.


This piece of furniture can be the single most important item after your bed in your bedroom, as it can totally change the look and feel of your bedroom, and the design of it will determine how it is you feel when you enter and wowed every evening when you walk into your room by the sheer size of it. Or shock factor because you chose an orange headboard. Either way all headboards serve as a barrier between your head and the cold wall.

Bedside table / Pedestals

A Pedestal or bedside table is an important factor in a bedroom. There should be a place within arm’s reach where you can put your midnight essentials like your glasses, water bottle, false teeth, alarm clock… oh wait no one uses those any more. Okay the most import item is your smartphone and the charging of it.